Iris 'Papillon'

National Collection of Siberian Iris at Aulden Farm

The typical flowering season is from about the third week of May until the end of June. This year it has been about 2 - 3 weeks ahead of normal, so they have finished earlier this year. Over the winter we will be putting online a photo gallery of the cultivars. As a National Collection, we are good at producing small numbers of a large range of plants. If you are looking to buy Siberian Irises, some cultivars are widely available and you should find no difficulty in purchasing them from nurseries. However, they can also be easily raised from seed and we would recommend the seed list of the Group for Beardless Irises . Named cultivars do not come true from seed, but you will raise many fine garden plants and there is always the fun of producing something new.

The garden remains open by appointment until the end of September and we will be pleased to see you.